How to hook up my ps3 to my laptop hdmi

You don't the laptop hdmi is to connect to a hdtv and so is the ps3 hdmi even if you plugged both into the hdtv you would not get a connection. The playstation 3's wireless network adaptor allows you to connect to to your laptop over a wireless network you can then watch movies, listen to music or view pictures on your ps3 without the hassle of transferring them with usb stick or external hard drive. Buy belkin laptop-to-tv hdmi cable computer, pc, ps3, ps4, hd tv, xbox lcd use to hook up my laptop to the tv in my classroom and had been a godsend. Im just wondering whether i can connect my ps3 to my laptop and use it like an ordinary monitor before you say anything i have a dell inspiron 9400 and i have dvi and vga input.

Hi there, read your article and struggling to get my ps3 working on my pc monitor, i have a philips 170b4bs monitor, and instead of the lead you described i got an adapter which has a female hdmi and a male dvi. I am trying to connect an hdmi cable to my sony bravia kdl-40d3000 and ps3 the tv isn't picking up the hdmi cable at all, i am unsure which settings. Connect the ps3 to the computer using an optical digital cable attach one end of the cable to the digital optical output jack on the back of your ps3. Connect your hdmi® monitor or hdtv to a displayport® equipped computer.

How can i connect my dvd player to my laptop also you can connect by using hdmi cable, if your dvd supports can i connect a dvd player to my laptop. If you would like to connect your playstation 3 to a tv using an hdmi cable, this article will tell you what to do. I'm having trouble taking my ps3 with me on trips because the tv isn't compatible in a hotel can i hook up my ps3 to my laptop through my hdmi slot i did already and couldn't find where to access th. Hdmi to component converters converter box adapter vga to hdmi for pc laptop with 35mm stereo audio output cable for laptop pc ps3 xbox stb.

Want to stream video to your tv visit for a simple guide on how to connect your lenovo laptop to your tv. I'm having trouble hooking up my ps3 (40gb) to my surround sound i have a samsung 46 lcd (ln-t4661f) with hdmi outputs i have one hdmi cable going to my dvd. Trouble hooking up my ps3 to an asus hdmi monitor who's online 2 members, 0 anonymous, 26 guests (see pick one and use it to connect to your monitor.

How to hook up my ps3 to my laptop hdmi

Page 1 of 4 - ps3 controller won't connect to my ps3 so i just wanted to know how to backup playstation 3 games on my computer or an external hard drive. Playstation 3 cant connect to hdmi save cancel already exists would you can you plug your playstation 3 into your laptop through an hdmi cable.

While how to connect a ps3 to a computer with an ethernet cable may not be common knowledge, it is an incredibly simple task that can make your media transfer times blazing fast and even save you some money if your computer is closer to your system than the modem is. I will be getting a ps3 soon and want to play the games on my monitor what do i need in order to hook the ps3 up to my computer. A look at the hdmi digital video interconnect standard, the standards and why you might need to aware of what version is on your pc and monitor to make sure they work properly. Well, you ask “how do i connect the ps3 to the laptop using the hdmi port” this question could have several possible meanings, so i will take the time out of my day to answer each of them individually.

We answer what cable should i use to hook up my ps3 there are four ways to connect your television to your playstation 3 console and in this article we explore each of them in descending order of quality. I was able to successfully adapt displayport to hdmi (laptop to hdtv) and it worked fine, including audio plug this into your monitor and the hdmi cable into this:. Gaming how to connect your computer to your ps3 your playstation 3 isn't just for games with these settings and software, you can stream your computer's music, videos, and photos through your ps3 and onto your tv. From my understanding, the reason why the elgato game capture hd needs to connect to the ps3 via component cables is because sony incorporated a method of preventing people from recording via hdmi (to reduce piracy i guess).

How to hook up my ps3 to my laptop hdmi
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